A Short Guide To College Writing:

April 25, 2014Posted by Ann Helper


When studying at college you will be required to create many essays. If you know the four main types of essay, how they are structured, their qualities and what is required to create them, you will be well placed to do well in your essay writing. The four main types of essay you're likely to write in college are as follows.

  • the expository essay
  • the persuasive essay
  • the analytical essay
  • the argumentative essay

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The Persuasive And Expository Essay

April 13, 2013Posted by Ann Helper


  • The expository essay
  • The basis of this type of prose in college has you explaining an idea which could quite possibly be your reaction to a piece of literature. It could simply involve you giving your reaction to or your response to say for argument’s sake, a novel. You need to grab the attention of the reader. You start by making a thesis statement and you stick to the topic. You give your opinion and you support your argument with the appropriate evidence. You need to explain this evidence and not just list a number of facts. But as with all essays you need to be precise and concise, using as few words as possible.

  • The persuasive essay
  • The most common request when contacting online essay writer. The key word here is persuasive and in this type of essay you have adopted the position or taken a point of view and in the essay you try and persuade the reader to agree with you. It's most important that you have a definite point of view. This is not an opportunity for you to become subjective. We do not want your personal opinion. Do not become sentimental. State the premise of your essay and then persuade the reader to your point of view.

The Analytical vs Argumentative Essay

April 11, 2013Posted by Jim Advisor


  • The Analytical Essay
  • Again as the title of the type of essay suggests you are here to examine or analyse something which has happened in history or a work of art be it a book, play or work of art etc. Do not use the first-person where possible. Do not use slang or contractions. In your analysis you are able to be complimentary and critical.

  • The Argumentative Essay
  • Here you set out to prove that your hypothesis or your point of view is correct or at least more correct than other points of view. In some ways it's similar to the persuasive essay but here with an argumentative essay you are concentrating on your personal opinion. You must the able to support your hypothesis with solid evidence. Your conclusion will be a summary of all that has gone before.