How to Write Better College Essays: Examples Online

When it comes to writing essays, college students have to step up their game. Essays are one of the key factors that an admissions team uses during the acceptance process. If the college essay is sub par, the student may not be accepted into the college of their choice. To get started, students should check out some example essays online. By reading an example of an A+ essay, students can gain a better understanding of what is expected of them.

Choosing the Angle

A college essay can be on a specific topic or it can be a personal essay. With a personal essay, students have to decide the angle that they want to use. They must consider if they want to focus on their volunteer work, athletic background or academic goals. In general, the essay will turn out best if the student just focuses on what they love. They will find the essay easier to write, and it will be more believable if it is based on their actual passions.

Be Yourself

Too many students fill their college essays with a list of extracurricular activities and accomplishments. In addition to being boring, this is also redundant. The student's achievements were included in the college application. There is no reason for the student to also list their achievements in the scholarship essay. Instead, these accomplishments should be naturally incorporated into the essay. The main goal for each student is to stay true to themselves. Colleges are not searching for over-accomplished robots. They want real students and actual people to fill the seats.

Finding Examples Online

Before senior year, many students never actually see a college essay. Often, the first time they encounter one will be during a college application. Since they are not familiar with this type of essay, it can be harder for them to write. An easy way to fix this dilemma is to search for examples online. Top college websites will normally include samples of college essays. In addition, many colleges will even include an example of the type of essay that they are looking for.

Applying for college does not have to be difficult. By reading through college essay examples, students can gain a better understanding of what is expected of them. This will improve their chances of getting accepted and speed up the application process. Being honest, writing from an angle and utilizing examples will ensure that each student has the best chance of getting accepted possible.