Help Me Do My Essay Successfully: 10 Simple Recommendations

Your paper can earn you “A grade” if it is well written. A reader can easily tell if the paper is good written or poor. Even if you read five high quality essays and five low quality essays, then you could easily distinguish them. One should make a habit of reading to improve his own writing. When you read different articles, you will come to know your weaknesses. Whenever you are going to write an essay, search for example essays as it will provide you information, data, and writing style, because essay has different kinds, For example argumentative or persuasive, narrative, literary, comparison, reflective, cause and effect, analysis, descriptive, expository and informative. Every paper has a different writing style. One should follow the standard format and style.


A standard essay has following parts

  1. A body of five paragraphs
  2. A strong introduction
  3. Complete thesis statement
  4. A conclusion
    1. Search your topic
    2. Select the topic carefully as your entire effort is going to move around it. Your topic is the nucleus of your paper. Read newspaper and novels a lot this will help you in selecting your topic and will add new words to your vocabulary.

    3. Be specific
    4. You do not have to add unnecessary information. It is encouraged, if the student has created his own definition. One should

    5. Use self-created definition
    6. Avoid dictionary definitions
    7. Give references
    8. References are important. They tell the reader the source of the information.

    9. Add quotes
    10. Make sure the quotations and data analysis you provide are correct. The easy way of remembering cites is to mark or highlight the page number while reading.

    11. Be careful while copying
    12. Do not copy entire text from the source. Just copy the figures or informative part like a new term.

    13. Keep on editing
    14. Editing is the final part of your paper.

    15. Say no to Pauses
    16. If you stuck somewhere, take another start. Start anywhere.

    17. Read and write
    18. This will help you in making your memory strong and you will find yourself able of creating your own sentences.

    19. Mark your mistakes yourself
    20. This way, you will avoid repeating the same mistake.

    21. Re write your thesis statement in the last paragraph
    22. Do not forget to write your thesis statement in the last paragraph. Conclusion is the summary of your entire paper.

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