Creating A Rhetorical Analysis On The Declaration Of Independence

If you are a school student, you may require writing an essay on a number of historical facts. You may have even heard of different types of composition, the rhetorical analysis is a part of them. You may wonder what a rhetorical essay is. In a rhetorical essay, a non-fiction piece of writing or work is broken down into various parts, and then those parts explain how they work together to entertain or inform you about something. If you are given a rhetorical essay to write, it means the examiner wants to test that whether you are capable of doing the same effectively, breaking down a non-fiction article into something effective. Now, suppose if you are given something to write on Declaration of Independence, then how will you proceed with the topic?

Tips to write a thesis on Declaration of Independence:

You have already read in your history textbook about Declaration of Independence. You know that Thomas Jefferson signed it on 1776 to bring independence to America. But writing a paper on that may be a daunting task. Let’s see how you will break the topic into writing an assignment on that:

  • Begin with the history of the Declaration. Why and how it was signed? What were the historical reasons behind it? Why its necessity was felt. How the 13 different states unified to fight against the ruthless rule of the British?
  • Then discuss the structure of the Declaration. It's consistent four parts like the Preamble, the Declaration of Natural Rights, List of Grievances and Resolution of Independence. Discuss the salient features in detail and their purposes in detail.
  • Discuss in detail how the Declaration guarantees human rights, the safeguard of the fundamental rights of the government, the civil rights to life and property and the establishment of democracy and liberalism all across the continent.
  • Then discuss in context to the Declaration, how the natural rights and the civil rights are now safeguarded and protected or have been altered with the changing context of American politics and history.
  • Argue about the necessary drawback what the Declaration has missed out or should have covered and how that would have influenced or changed the course of the American polity.

If you are not sure how to write a thesis on this topic, have a detailed discussion with your teacher. Consult books, search the net and then prepare a draft thesis on it. Get it checked by your mentor. If you are able to spend a little bit of money, you can always hire a professional writer who will do the required research and publish your writing with the complete academic requirement.