A List Of 35 Expository Essay Topics For Freshman Students

If you are assigned to write an expository essay but do not know what to discuss, consider the following ideas:

  1. What are the reasons to respect a person- write an expository essay about it?
  2. Explain why a person whom you know should be a leader.
  3. Explain the reasons why parents are strict sometimes.
  4. Write an essay on which animal would you prefer to be and why?
  5. Who is your favourite teacher and why is that so?
  6. Some cities have a lot of restrictions for teens. Why is it so?
  7. There are many incidents when students are forced to leave school at the age of sixteen. Explain this as an expository essay topic?
  8. The shifting from one place to another leads to an affect in student’s education field. Why?
  9. Driver’s licence is one of the most mandatory facto for a teenager now. Why?
  10. What are major stresses that a teenager faces in their lives?
  11. What are the goodness and ill effects of working as a team?
  12. What are the few non material things that can make you happy?
  13. What do you think is the reason for teenagers committing maximum suicides?
  14. What are the ways music affects a life?
  15. What are the effects of multiple music genres on the society?
  16. Teenage drug addiction is one of the most heard cases.
  17. What is the supposed consequence of selling drug in public?
  18. What are the severe effects that can take place for a drug addict?
  19. What is the real reason behind smoking cigarettes in a teenager?
  20. How would you deal with the fact if you are kicked out of school?
  21. Why do students grow the habit of skipping classes?
  22. Brother and sister fighting constantly can lead to many difficulties. Why?
  23. Make up is the high statement in teenage. Explain the reason?
  24. Explain what will happen if found alcoholic in school campus?
  25. Explain the likely consequences of being sexually active without using protection.
  26. Why do parents restrict teenagers to be with their girlfriend or boyfriend alone?
  27. What is the most intriguing thing that you want to do is you have a lot of money?
  28. Why teenagers go for gangs?
  29. What are the problems they face when they are in a gang?
  30. How does life of a person change when he/she has a baby?
  31. What should be the reaction of a boyfriend if he finds out that his girlfriend is pregnant?
  32. What should be your actions in an embarrassing moment?
  33. Medical marijuana is good for the society. Describe?
  34. Sexually active teen faces many consequences. Why?
  35. What is the importance of your school work?