Choosing Excellent Persuasive Essay Topics: 7 Great Ideas

When coming up with a good persuasive essay topic, it’s important to go for something that is compelling—as opposed to something that is humdrum. It takes time to come up with a good topic and putting in some effort to talk to people and observe conversations will come through in your topic and your essay. Here are seven ideas on coming up with a brilliant persuasive essay topic.

Don’t take the easy way out

Most of your classmates will make the mistake of choosing a topic they are familiar with. Something that is easy and without challenge will not win them the big marks they are after. Make sure you go for a challenging topic that will take some effort to write about.

Use three points to persuade in a conversation

One thing you must try in order to come up with a good persuasive essay topic is speaking to people. Ask a question about your subject and try three angles of argument to try and dissuade them from their opinion. This will give you an idea of what arguments work and which don’t. You will also gain insight into what objections to consider when writing.

Find flaws in people’s arguments

Make a note of argument flaws and use them in your essay as points you can contradict. It’s important that you ask questions, listen intently, and write down the flaws of the people you are debating with. This will give you lots of material to come up with a great topic.

Visit forums

People who take part in online forums will always have multiple points of view. Observe some of the arguments taking place and don’t hesitate to join in if you feel so inclined. Write down people’s opinions and get an idea of what they feel strongly about.

Read comments on stories and videos

News articles will have comment sections below which you can use as topic-generating material. Free video streaming sites also often have hundreds of comments regarding the video. So pick a subject, watch the video, and use the opinions of others to form a good topic.

Look at other topics

Another good way to come up with good topics is to get inspiration from others. Ask an academic writing company to send you a list of persuasive essay topics and use these to form good ideas for your own.

Argue with yourself

A persuasive topic is all about stating your opinion, raising possible objections, and then countering those objections with more facts. Argue with yourself about a pressing issue and use your own argument to form a great title to your essay.