How To Write An Essay On Climate Change In The Us

Motivation for writing an essay on climate change, specifically in the USA is possibly the easiest part of this assignment if it is given to you to do. It is easier still if this is what you have chosen to do. Two main reasons can be given for this. One, the topic is on most American’s lips, from concerned farmers and their migrant laborers who rely on the weather to produce healthy crops which we benefit from, right up to the corridors of power where the issue and very existence of global warming and climate change are still being debated on.

But, whether you are a high school student or undergraduate college student, producing a coherent and persuasive paper on this popular and often controversial subject is not always easy. This short article will help get you started in writing an essay that will impress your teacher or lecturer and make a difference to your immediate environmental surroundings. It will guide you on where to begin your work and how to finish your project with a flourish. It begins with a question. What do you hope to gain from this (apart from an A)? Here are four key points and/or remarks to consider and help you get started.

  • Research – All good writing, whether it is creative fiction – short story or novel writing, or academic peer reviews, begins with proper research methodologies. Here, you will need to collate enough material that is going to give your paper that killer punch. What this simply means is that you will begin by reading as widely as possible on the subject of climate change in the US. This, to begin with, will not be difficult because there are more than enough resources to allow you to do this.
  • Resources – Both online content and library catalogs will more than suffice. Make sure that you collate all the material so that it is always contextually relevant.
  • Legislation – You can examine the government gazettes to find out what has been done and what is being proposed to address and counter the problems of climate change in the USA. No meaningful work is complete without studying the work done by former US Senator and Vice President, Al Gore.
  • Academic conventions – Make sure that you observe all the rules on how to properly outline and write your final academic essay or paper.

You will have now found that while you have much work to do, the process of carrying out the project from beginning to end is not only manageable but extremely rewarding.