The Creation of Bill of Rights and the US Constitution

The constitution of the United States was written in 1787 in Philadelphia and the Bill of Right in 1791. The constitution of the United States defines all key doctrines of the government and their jurisdictions with the detailed explanation of the citizens’ rights.

In 1791, during the process of first ten amendments in the US constitution, the Bill of Rights came into being on 15th December. The amendments brought limited powers to the federal government of the United States by protecting all citizens’ rights, the residents’ rights, and the visitors’ rights within the limits of American boundaries.

According to the Bill of Rights, there is full protection in terms of speech, religious freedom, keeping and behavior arms rights, freedom of assembly and petition freedom as well. The Bill prohibits the irrelevant searches and seizures, unusual and cruel punishments, and self-incrimination compelling.

In terms of legal protection areas, the Bill of Rights limits the role of Congress by making any new law established for religious venerations. The Bill prohibits the role of federal government by threatening someone in his life or threats of property and liberty without any legal interventions. In case of criminal incidents, the Bill of Rights clearly requires the presence of grand jury to deal with the capital offenses, notorious crimes, etc.

According to the Bill of Right, in case of crime occurrence, there should be a speedy trial with the help of neutral jury at the district by prohibiting the role of risk. All the civil cases needs jury system for trials and executions. There should be no unnecessary bails, heavy fines, and the unusual punishments for any citizen.

The Bill of Rights could be written in broad prospective by protecting the rights of all citizens individually and equally. Before the amendments for Bill of Rights, women were the property of their husbands and were not as free as could get rights after the implementation of the Bill of Rights in the United States. The Bill protected the rights of Native Americans very strongly with the help of law enforcement strategies. It eradicated the old slavery system from the American territory. Black and Hispanic Americans got protection based on human rights, before the bill they were living very average life.

The implementation of Bill of Rights after many bloody wars through a proper constitution and got popularity amongst all citizens in the United States.