How to make great descriptive essay topics

When you are tasked with a descriptive essay, your job is to describe something or someplace to your reader. You want to ensure you use all of the sensory details to give them a complete experience. What makes the place or person special? What smells are there? What sounds do you hear? These are the key details you want to include that make your paper a great one.

The topic is important, but your description of it is even more so. By picking a topic that you love or appreciate, or one that is memorable and important to you, you can write a great essay.

Tips for writing a good essay

Writing a bad essay makes you and the teacher suffer equally. Teachers don’t like reading bad essays any more than you like writing them. And when you get a bad grade, you suffer all over again. So, in order to overcome this, you should aim to write a great essay.

In order to get a great essay written, first you must do the work.

You may be stressed, overwhelmed, short for time. You may have a great deal of homework on your plate in addition to your essay. But in lieu of complaining about it, try and focus on how few children around the world have access to such advanced learning. There are children out there who are literally dying to get the education you are slacking on. So just do the work. You might believe that you are entitled to an easy life, one where you don’t have to work, but that is not true. You still have to work, just like anyone else. So do it. If you want to get an “A” on your work, then do what is required to get one. Just because you received an A on all of your previous papers does not mean you are destined to get them in the future. You still have to stay up late, star into the infomercials blankly, and do the work.

Simplify your work. Big words are great to have in your wheelhouse, but you don’t have to use them. Try and make everything as simple as possible. If you mean to write “life” then do it. Don’t change it to “existence” just to sound smarter. If you mean to say “idea”, do it. Don’t change it later to “conceptualization” because that was the first item to pop up on the thesaurus feature.