How To Write A 3-Paragraph Essay On Democracy: Good Suggestions

Democracy is defined as a governance system that allows all citizens who are qualified the equal opportunity be involved in the making of laws, general development of the country, and proposals. It is the world's most favored form of governance currently, and what makes it so popular is that citizens are in possession of the freedom to execute and enjoy the choices they make.

What defines democracy

There are quite a few basic features by which this system of governing can be defined, but listed among them are fair and free elections being conducted, a citizen's right to become involved actively in political and civil activities, equal application of laws to all citizens, and protecting basic human rights.

People have the opportunity to have a majority decision on which party will be responsible for taking care of them at both the state and federal level. They are also able to vote by majority to remove leaders who they feel are not accurately representing their interests.

3 vs. 5-paragraph format

One of the hardest things to write is an essay that is done in the 3-paragraph format. What makes this so difficult for students is the lack of room that you have to get your important points in without making your single body paragraph look overly inflated when compared to the introduction and conclusion.

This is one time when the topic you have chosen must be narrowed down sufficiently enough that you are not too overwhelmed with the possible information that needs to be included. There is simply just not enough room to properly develop a broad expanse of a topic such as 'Democracy can be found almost everywhere in the world.'


  • Envision the structure: Imagine how your finished paper is going to look with only 3 paragraphs. Your first portion is the introduction, the body portion is an elaboration and explanation of your topic sentence, and the last portion is the conclusion. Both the introduction and the conclusion should be around 5-7 sentences long.
  • Create an outline: Use an outline to draft the main points that you wish to include. This will help to keep you on track and ensure that you stay on topic.
  • Write the body first: Once you know what your essay is going to be about, you are going to need three related points that you will be able to develop in the body. Since room space is at a minimum, make sure that they are strong points that the reader will grasp quickly. Once you have seen where you are going with your paper, then you are able to write an effective introduction and conclusion.