What key skills do employers want fresh graduates to have?

With thousands of graduates in the market, employers will go for skills and experiences that make a fresh graduate stand out from the rest. Employers go for candidates with the right skills, qualifications and competencies to work their organizations. The skills required by employers sometimes depend on the career sector and profession involved. However, complementing one's skills with other skills broadens the chances of getting a job. The following section outlines the key skills that employers emphasize on in the process of signing fresh graduates to work for their companies.

Commercial Awareness

It entails having a detailed knowhow of how the industry operates and what makes it run. It involves demonstrating that you know what the organization aims to accomplish through its services and products as well as how it can gain competitive advantage.

Communication Skills

It encompasses written, verbal communication and listening skills. It is all about being precise, clear and focused when articulating issues at workplace. It is the ability to tailor your message to suit the audience and to use the response of others to attract more customers.


A fresh graduate needs to prove to the employer that he/she is a team player and have the power to manage and delegate duties when required. It also involves establishing a positive working relationship that helps other workers to achieve their goals and business strategic objectives.

Persuasion and Problem Solving skills

Being able to express your views and to understand others peoples’ views so that you can get a positive solution. It also involves using analytical and logical approach to deal with problems and resolve issues. Fresh graduates must have the ability to tackle problems from different angles.


Although fresh graduates cannot be skilled managers straight away, they should be able to demonstrate their potential to motivate other colleagues in the workplace. It also involves delegating and assigning tasks well, leading by example, and setting achievable goals and deadlines.

Confidence and Motivation

This entails believing in oneself without being arrogant. It is having confidence in other workers and the organization you work for. Working life poses numerous challenges and self motivation is key in dealing with such challenges. Employers will only go for candidates who have admirable mental energy and who believe in the beauty of the company’s vision.