How to make a basic essay: writing a good intro paragraph

There are three parts to a basic essay. The first part is the introductory paragraph. The second part is the body paragraph. The last part is the conclusion. Each of these parts plays a specific role in the essay. The introduction is designed to give the reader an overview of the topic and to let them know what the essay is about. The body paragraphs are designed to prove the thesis. Each supporting idea should have its own paragraph. The conclusion is the paragraph that wraps the paper up and restates the thesis.

Let’s look specifically at the introduction. It is one of the most important parts because it is designed to get your reader engaged and make them want to continue reading. If you don’t accomplish this, your reader may not continue reading the paper and the main concept will be lost. It is also important because if your reader does not understand the topic, the essay will not be effective.

Here is how you set up a good intro paragraph:

Step One: Start with a catchy phrase or quote

One way to get your reader’s attention is to start your paper with a catchy phrase or interesting quote. To draw your reader in, find a quote that is related to your topic and present it first. If the quote is from a famous person, be sure to explain who the person is to give the quote credibility. If it is just interesting, it can speak for itself. (You will still need to cite your source)

Step Two: Background information

Now tell some background information on your topic. This should include any information that has to do with the topic in general. It will be the information that the reader should know in order to understand what you are writing about. Pretend that your reader has no idea what the topic is and explain it to them.

Step Three: Vocabulary

If your topic has specific vocabulary that pertains directly to the topic, be sure to give some definitions. Common vocabulary does not need to be defined.

Step Four: Thesis

The last sentence of your introduction is the thesis statement. The thesis is designed to tell the reader what the paper is about. It also works as a great transitional sentence.

If you follow these steps, you are sure to write a good intro paragraph for your essay.