Atlas Shrugged

Atlas shrugged is a novel written by Ayn Rand in 1957. It was the fourth and most important to note, the last novel written by Rand. It was the longest of all that she had ever written and a piece of writing that she considered to be the magnum opus in the world of fiction writing for her. The novel includes items of mystery, fiction, andromance and the element of objectiveness that was more extensive more than any of the pieces she had ever written.

Thematic concerns

Rand’s book is about a dystopian American where many of the most successful and prominent industrialists of the society leave their fortunes and particularly, the nation itself. This is so in response to aggressive emerging regulations while most of the significant industries crumble. The title given to the novel is a reference to Atlas. As described in the book, Atlas is a Titan basically defining a giant holding the entire world by the shoulders. The significance of this kind of reference is seen in a talk between Hank Rearden and Francisco d’Anconia where the latter asks the other the advice he would present to Atlas after seeing that the bigger titan’s effort, the weightier the world held down by his shoulders. Rearden cannot find an appropriate answer and therefore, d’Anconia takes it by himself to answer and says, “To shrug”.

The main theme highlighted in the novel is the duty of the mind of a man in existence. The novel doe an exploration of various philosophical themes those were very important for Rand to come up with issues of objectivism. This way, the author expresses the support of reason, capitalism, individualism and the shortcomings of governmental coercion.

Public opinion

This novel got many negative responses initially particularly moments after its publication in 1957. However, it attained enduring popularity alongside continuous sales in the decades that followed. For Rand, her objective of writing the novel was to show the manner in which there is a desperate need for prime movers for the world and how to it treated them fiercely and again to show what could happen to the world without them. The main idea for the book was born following a telephone conversion she had with her friend in 1943. The friend advised that Rand should write a fiction story concerning her philosophy. She would then write Atlas Shrugged to show the morality of logical self-interest through the exploration of the results of a strike through intellectuals who refuse to provide their scientific research, inventions, new ideas, business leadership and art to the whole world.