Health Or Wealth

Health is when you are free of illness and your body is not in pain. According to many, this is the true wealth. There is also the material wealth that makes things a bit complex. Wealth or health is a question that disturbs many people. They are not sure of what they would choose if given a lifetime chance to make a significant decision of their lives. The truth is that we need both of these to have a comfortable life. It may be hard at times to measure which of the two is superior to the other. Why not have all? It is what many people would wish for. Life would a paradise. Unfortunately, life is a bumpy ride. We cannot have it all. Worse still, we cannot choose what we want. Nature has got its ways of influencing life.

Necessity versus sufficient

Health is a necessary aspect of our lives. All the other things that we do in life will be dependent on our health. We can be healthy and still embark on the wealth searching process. Health is a gift from God. A good health is sure way to have a happy life. It might not be fulfilling but is a sure way to have a healthy and happy life. Wealth is sufficient. The truth is that person does not need to be wealthy to have a happy life. It is a spice to life but not a necessity. It will add taste to life but cannot put an end to life. Let’s think of it in the aspect of the diseases that are present today. Some have no cure so far. So you could be wealthy but you cannot enjoy your wealth because you are sick. Your wealth can not buy you health. This is what makes health a necessity. Once you have it, you can embark on the process of getting wealth.

Wealth as a Factor in Good Health

Health is influenced by a number of things. The most common of them all is wealth. Wealth dictates many things in our lives. It dictates our lifestyles and habits of doing things. Wealthy people will at times have lifestyles that have a negative implication for their health. This begins with the feeding habits. Still wealthy people will have access to better health care. This is a plus to their health. The poor on the other hand will have to make choices. They will have to choose between making savings and paying for activities that enhance their health. This may affect their health.