How to end an essay introduction paragraph: a list of vital tips

Writing an essay is a very interesting task. Students write essays throughout their academic career. The type of the essay varies with the content and purpose. However, the basic structure of an essay stays the same. Every essay has the following format

  • An interesting topic or title: Either the student himself or the teacher can select the topic or the institution can assign a topic or essay prompt to all the students. Sometimes students have a choice to pick a topic they want to write on.
  • Introduction: the first thing you need to write after choosing your topic is the introduction. Different students have different approaches towards an essay. Some students write the introduction at first and then move towards the body, while others complete their essay and write the introduction in the end to maintain the overall direction of their essay. However, whether you write the introduction in the beginning or at the end, you have to include it in the opening of your essay.
  • Body: after the introduction paragraph, there are body paragraphs. The number of body paragraphs can vary depending upon your major arguments. If you have four major arguments then your body paragraphs will be four, if there are three major arguments then you will have three body paragraphs. You need to keep in mind that every paragraph should have a unique message.
  • Conclusion: it is the last paragraph of your essay. This is where you summarize everything you have written in your essay. It needs to be precise and to the point.

The introduction of your essay

To be able to write a good essay, you need to create a strong introduction. Your introduction should be able to hook the audience to your essay. After you write the introduction of your essay, you need to look at it and see if it is perfect. Here are a few questions you should be able to answer through your introductory paragraph

Questions you need to answer

  1. Did you introduce your topic properly?
  2. Is there an element in your introduction that can hook your readers?
  3. Is there a thesis statement? Where did you include it in your essay?
  4. Is the transition from sentences smooth?
  5. Does your introduction provide an insight to your essay?
  6. Have you given the reader any clues for the conclusion of your essay?
  7. Is your introduction free of grammatical and spelling errors?