Revolutionary War


The Revolutionary War in the United States of America officially began in 1775 and came to a halt in the year 1783. This war initiated the long search for America’s independence. The War for Independence was motivated by several factors among them taxes imposed by the British colonists, contested Acts of Parliament such as the Sugar Act and the Stamp Act, as well as internal politics.

The War for Independence

The Revolutionary War spark was set off in the year 1775 after a fire exchange between the British army and colonial militia ensued in Lexington. Lieutenant General Thomas Gage sent his men to disarm the alleged rebels in Massachusetts and arrest their leaders. The men found American militia ready and a fight ensued in Lexington and Concord.

The British who were better equipped in terms of sea power stood a chance against their counterparts in the war. However, they lacked cooperation. An army organized by George Washington gradually became victorious and managed to convince the French to signing trade treaties. In the year 1776, Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence on July 4. However, this was merely on paper as presented by Thomas Jefferson.

In the year 1778 to 1781, the British turned their attention to the loyal southern people whom they believed would be instrumental in acquiring victory. The Americans and French militia adopted the guerilla tactics against the British. This coalition compelled the British to agree with their demands. The British agreed to seek consent of other colonies before imposing taxes. America also gained representation in the British dominated parliament.

Spain also joined in the war as a French ally in the year 1779. In the year 1780, British declare war on the Dutch who had been trading successfully with the French and Americans. In 1783, the British and Americans signed the Treaty of Paris, which was later ratified in 1784.


The war on independence was a cause that begun without a clear route, plan or specific goal whatsoever. It was resistance of some of British colonists’ actions. However, as each attack triggered the next, the Americans were sure that they craved independence. To achieve this, they formed an army amidst many challenges to defeat the British colonists.