A manual for composing film analysis essay topics

When you are tasked with a film analysis essay your job is to analyze the film. For example:

  1. Think critically about the director and their style. Consider what background personally or professionally may have influenced their work.
  2. Think critically about the target audience and whether the show really reached them or spoke to them effectively. Was the film considered a success among its target audience or not.
  3. Make sure that in your introduction you include the film you are going to analyze and the director. Include any other necessary information for the reader such as a summary of the content of the film.

It is often helpful to break your overall writing task down into smaller pieces such as the introduction and each argument paragraph followed by the conclusion. You can work on any of them in any order but just make sure you work on something a little bit each day until it is due.

Find a work space that encourages productivity. For some students they write better sitting in the silence of the school library. For others a slightly busy cafe is just the right amount of traffic to actively ignore. For others they prefer being in sweat pants curled up with a blanket and a cup of tea at home. Find what works best for you and write in that writing space.

Get help when you need it. Whether you need a quick question or a specific book buried somewhere in your library ask for help when you need it. Do not be afraid to get help from your teacher or the librarian. Even if your teacher says “no” you can turn to other resources for aid. If your school has an academic writing center be sure to use it. Sitting in a room of other students who writing can make for a great motivator. It can force you to keep going and to overcome any desire for distractions that might creep up. Remember that writing an essay does not have to be a solitary event. On that note..

Try and create a support system while you are working. Keep in touch with your teacher if you feel your topic is not working. Talk to writing tutors or coaches at your school writing center. You might feel like you are alone but you do not have to be. There are many resources at your disposal.