An Effective Way to Write a Grade 10 Synthesis Essay

Even if you are dreadfully off track with your synthesis essay, you should not feel desperate. Below, you will find a range of recommendations and tips on writing a decent grade 10 project that will win you many points.

  • Make sure that you understand the goal of the synthesis that you are doing. Your aim is to find connections between ideas, theses, or points of view in order to prove a certain statement of yours. You can either prove your point of view as an argument, or compose a critical review of materials that have been dedicated to the subject before, or create a kind of explanation of a certain thesis for readers. As soon as you figure it out, you will be able to create a detailed outline.
  • Choose a good topic that will be novel for the area in general, interesting to you, and attractive for your audience. The topic should be wide enough to allow you doing a profound research that will connect certain sources of information into one. Still, you need to make sure that it’s not too wide to wander among irrelevant sources and points of view.
  • Search for reliable sources of information. It’s always better to search in libraries that offer only reputable works of well-known authors. Still, you can pick out online sources that belong to governmental facilities, well-known periodic publications, etc. As a rule, a grade 10 synthesis essay requires at least three sources. If you have time and feel that three will not be enough, you can add a couple more.
  • Create a thesis statement that will convey your main idea and the goal of your paper. As soon as this statement is located in the introductory part of your work, it is the hook that attracts readers’ attention and keeps them interested. Make sure that your statement is quite laconic but informative enough and that there are no meaningless phrases in it.
  • Compose an outline that helps you build up a logically correct structure of your paper. Without an outline, you can forget to mention something very important. That’s why you should have it at least in the draft copy of your paper.
  • Keep in mind the academic style of writing that you choose for your project. All these styles have their own demands, so find out what is expected from you if you choose this or that style. Following all those demands, you show that you are a professional who can not only compose a profound research but also organize it as due.