Car Accidents

In United States, it is estimated that in every 51 minutes, one person will die out of drunk driving. Precisely, 31% of all the traffic related deaths in US result from alcohol-impaired driving. Further, many people have damaged their valuable cars and spent time treating various health complications after drinking alcohol and being involved in car accidents. Others have been arrested in the process and wasted their precious time dealing with court cases. Therefore, it is evident that there is a relationship between car accidents and drunk driving.

Relationship between Alcoholism and Car Accidents

Many organizations have been on the forefront in discouraging alcohol intake. Nutritionists say that alcohol intake should be very minimal. Doctors will also advise patients to avoid alcohol when they are facing various complications. Employers will also lay down workers who have an alcohol addiction problem. Thus, it is certain that alcohol is not good for one’s health. However, since it has been impossible to convince people to avoid the intake of alcohol, many professionals have focused on highlighting some of negatives of alcoholism such as drunk driving and the possible car accidents.

Drunk drivers are known to drive either very fast. Others drive very slowly as they try to be careful. Also, they tend to have poor coordination and slowed reaction time. They will, hence, make wrong turns on the road because they cannot see the road signs. Such an occurrence can result to multiple accidents occurring in a short while. Further, they hardly yield for pedestrians and other cars. Some will simply drive into another vehicle because of the impaired judgment. More over, they may not put on the seat belts, reducing their chances of survival if an accident does occur. As a result, they will cause many car accidents and deaths.

Car Accidents and the Teenagers

Car accidents are particularly very common among teens. At their age group, they may be more willing to take serious risks such as drunk driving. This is because of their eagerness to experiment, and the notion that they will earn respect amongst their peers after such activities. They will also drive at higher speeds than the adults. Moreover, they are also affected by alcohol differently. Thus, while an adult may be able to drive safely even when they are drunk, a teenager will drive recklessly and cause car accidents. Further still, teenagers tend to overestimate their driving abilities, and will therefore not call for help whenever necessary. Evidently, car accidents can be reduced if drunk driving can be discouraged amongst the teenagers and adults.