A List Of Interesting Opinion Essay Topics On Environment

The environment offers us natural justice; air and pleasance. All it asks from us is to treat it with a soft heart. However, in our rush to cultivate technologies, we essay enough troubles on the environment almost without conscience. It is high time we changed our ways.

Here is a list of 15 intriguing opinion essay topics on the environment –

  1. The overriding environmental philosophy – This essay can take various shapes but the logic should be to bring out the steady philosophy.
  2. Rampant poaching of lions and tigers and their effect on environment – Lions and tigers are at the top of ecological pyramid. Their poaching will upend the balance.
  3. The dread of continual use of non-renewable energy sources – Coal and gas keep getting used as energy sources but their stock is depleting and fast.
  4. Rainforest depletion and its effect on the climate – These forests hold key to stable environment and their cutting is destroying habitat and damaging weather conditions.
  5. The types of pollution and the toll that environment takes – Land, water and air pollution are the main ones. You can count noise too to the kitty.
  6. How to maintain perfect indoor air quality – When indoor air quality is suitable, you remain healthy and thus think healthy. You remain energy conscious.
  7. The many positives of terrace farming – The essay should expound the heartening factors of terrace farming and crops that may be grown through the process.
  8. Factories and their hazardous waste – These have been major perpetrators of environmental crime for a couple of centuries.
  9. Creating landfills: Where is that going to lead? – The Pacific Ocean already has a huge landmass of garbage. The Atlantic will soon follow suit.
  10. The looming threat of global warming – Global Warming is not a local or national issue. It concerns everyone on the planet.
  11. Why is processing of greenhouses gases necessary? – Greenhouse gases should be well processed and byproducts like bio-fuels should be cultivated.
  12. Why is it necessary to go off-the-grid sooner rather than latter – Electricity consumption should soon see the end of reign. Write a revealing essay.
  13. A clear picture of the validity of Australia’s RET (Renewable Energy Target) – Be specific about the plans and policies in place.
  14. Earth burning: the depletion of Ozone layer – With the Ozone layer depletion, the Sun’s rays will hit humans in a harsher manner.
  15. How housing estates impact the environment – Housing colonies are on the rise and they have an enormous impact on the environment. Write an exploratory essay.