Essay tips: what should I do if I don't have time for writing?

Writing can be soothing to the soul, a great way to achieve mental catharsis and let go of whatever troubles you. It can also be an impossible burden to bear if you have writing assignments piling high and no way to complete them in the allotted time. Don’t beat yourself up about it, this happens to everyone sometimes. Check out the tips below to get yourself out of your essay writing rut.

Budget your time better

If you realize you’re about to have a very hectic week in which you may not be able to write your essay, you’re in a better position than many. This means that you still have time to reorganize your plans and steal a few minutes here and there for writing. Create a good plan so that the rest of the time is used to the best effect.

Get rid of ALL distractions

If your deadline is almost upon you or may be a few minutes away planning will be helpful still but not as much. You will need to isolate yourself from everyone. No music, no social media, no TV. These distractions will take up precious seconds of your time which add up to hours you don’t have.

Pick the fastest topic

You may feel that a topic is boring or doesn’t do justice to your talent. This doesn’t matter if you have a deadline approaching and it’s the fastest topic you can complete. It is better to hand up a complete, boring essay than to not submit or to submit a partially completed one that has amazing potential.

‘Plagiarize’ Yourself

It’s not exactly plagiarism if you’re ripping off your own work. Some teachers may disagree with that but this is a technique that can save you sometimes. If you have completed an essay in the past that is similar to your current assignment, borrow from it heavily. It will save you research time.

Pay for help

In absolute emergencies you can consider outsourcing your essay to a writing company online. This should be your last resort because these companies are not always reliable and honestly, you should be writing your own essays.

With the five tips above even the most time depleted writer will be able to finish an essay and submit it by the deadline!