Tips For Students: How To Improve Your Essay Writing

Writing skills, much like everything else, come with practice and passion. You need to cover all the loose ends and work on your weaknesses. Some students may find it hard to organize essays; some may have problems with conclusion.

Here is what you should do to pump up your writing skills –

  • Understanding the topic – This is necessary. You should have a clear idea as to what the topic demands from you. Does it ask for evaluation; enquiry or settlement? You should then attempt to tread on relevant lines.
  • Reading samples – You should go through brilliant samples to understand how different types should be negotiated. This will give you confidence and a range of new ideas.
  • Hone your creativity – Always keep your wits about you. A writer should ever keep the options open for creativity. This helps in making a difference.
  • Research work – It helps if you find out more about the topical theme; especially from different perspectives. If nothing, it will naturally give you more writing meat. Also, your work will appear authentic and comprehensive.
  • The personal touch – Learn to make use of writing prompts; quotes and tiles. Infuse personal touches wherever you can, typically with personal pieces. This helps in warming with the readers.
  • Curt analysis – You should be in a position to analyze the points you have in mind. It may be that a few points are hollow, even if you considered them gravitational in the beginning. Make it a point to address crucial issues; not crucially-sounding issues.
  • A free mind – Steer clear of preconception and bias. You should proceed with the writing piece with no baggage whatsoever. This becomes all the more necessary if you are in any way connected with the topics or its striations.
  • A fresh angle – It is great if you can address the issue with a fresher perspective, different from how it has been tackled till now. For instance, if a kidnapper asks for money and you suggest that such and such money would be heavy to carry; it would be a new perspective for the kidnapper. He, for that matter, many of you, would never have thought of money in terms of weight.
  • An organized bearing – Keep your essay structured and organized. Everything should hold its place. If you still make any mistake, you can always weed that out through a thorough proofreading.

Work on the mentioned ideas and take a few topics to become more practiced.