Bullying And Schools

Bullying is one of those situations most kids don’t want to deal with in childhood, but unfortunately is has become an ongoing problem kids and adults continue to struggle with in different ways. Children deal with bullying from their peers, but parents have issues in trying to help their child cope with being picked on because they are different. Some adults have issues with bullying due to problems from their childhood. So, are there effective ways to deal with bullying in schools that have yet to be explored? Or, should parents be more responsible when their child is the cause of bullying?

Many schools have procedures and regulations in place to handle bullying. They can include a number of rational options such as counseling, in-school suspension and parent-teacher conferences. Some schools have children sign contracts stating they will not bully their peers after being found guilty of bullying others. This can be a good idea but how would schools and parents ensure students follow through with rules in place for bullying? A huge problem schools and parents need to get to the bottom of includes encouraging students to speak up when they are bullied instead of keeping it to themselves.

Few parents feel it is the responsibility of the parent to ensure children treat others fairly. But, this can be a problem when children have parents who are poor role models. For instance, many children bully others because they see their parents treat others with lack of respect. Some students have issues with self-esteem and their parents know this, but they don’t know how to attack the issue without making their child feel worse. There are children that are insecure about their abilities and go to school wanting others to feel the same way. But they should know this is not fair but they don’t think about anyone else but themselves.

Schools can take a stand to improve child, faculty, and parent relations. Schools have elements in affect to deal with the issue, but too many feel there is not enough being done. This is likely the reason why so many students are bullied on a regular basis. Most people have been bullied sometime in their past. You would think better solutions would be implemented, but because there are students harming themselves or taking their own lives due to bullying, parents and schools need to step up their efforts to put a stop to it sooner than later.