A Manual For Composing An Amazing Essay In 5 Simple Steps

Although some people take years to perfect their writing skills, the process can come along a lot more smoothly if a writer sits down and puts pen to paper every single day. These 5 simple steps will allow someone to become a better writer, composing amazing quality essays in just a short amount of time:

  • Write Everyday
  • Practice Public Speaking
  • Choose an Audience
  • Brainstorm and Outline
  • Research

Write Everyday

Sitting down at a computer screen is not an unheard of event given that it is the 21st century. People spend hours of their day sending messages through social media platforms, in e-mails or via text messaging. Those who wish to become better at composing an essay simply need to take the topics they discuss with family and friends and save it into a word document. This allows the writer to come back months later and see where their life has progressed to and offers a way to look back and re-write their autobiography.

Practice Public Speaking

Young students learn how to pronounce the words they read and when reviewing an essay, this child-like activity can be highly useful. When writing an essay, if the writer is struggling to get their point across, reading it out loud can often help someone struggling to understand if it sounded good (and then may revise and edit accordingly).

Choose an Audience

Older people do not want to read about Miley Cyrus just as Miley Cyrus probably does not want to read about The Falklands War. Amazing essays can come from any stretch of the imagination, so long as the writer chooses their audience ahead of time. One must ensure that the crowd that will read these essays will have any bit of interest in the first place.

Brainstorm and Outline

Many writers have notebook after notebook filled with ideas for writing or a whiteboard to keep track of their random thoughts. The more a person brainstorms and draws an outline of how to express their thoughts, the easier the writing will come to the author. This will also allow for colleagues or friends to give feedback if they see something and notice a topic that one forgot to cover on their first draft.


The most pivotal role to writing is that of research. Research does not necessarily have to come out of a textbook or a novel, but can often come from real life experience. If someone wants to write an essay about how children explore and play at a national park, then they need to pack their bagged lunch and get to that park. Sometimes the best research comes from the power of observation.