How To Write A Narrative Essay: Great Suggestions From Experts

Narrative essays are among the most interesting essays to write. They usually involve narrating incidences through person’s own life making a connection with the audience.

How to write a compelling narrative essay?

  • Think for the topic: Think in terms of most interesting topic that you would like to share with your audience. It could be a story with a particular issue, an interesting theme, a mind throbbing concept or anything that makes an emotional connection with the audience. Usually, such compositions do not require any external research or reference; instead some analysis can be drawn as a result of that incidence. They need to be written creatively.
  • Narration should fit the prompt: Based on the type of assignment, you should know how to manipulate your story. The situation could be related with a thrilling experience or an adverse situation, feeling of discrimination or transformation of a character.
  • Include luminous details: Limit the story in terms of characters, settings, plotting etc. Write the story in a fair and concise manner. Include only mandatory characters, otherwise confusion will be created. By citing specific details and relevant images, the sight and smells of something, let your imagination breathe. Based on the incident- positive or negative; use the vocabulary and pertinent mode of expression to fill the gap.
  • Write the draft: Prepare an outline from starting till end. Plot the beginning, middle and the end of the story.
  • Write your narrative essay with a consistent point of view. Write from the first person’s perspective. Use ‘I’ and me in the dialogues and scenes. Discuss the statements in the past tense.
  • Offer details of important characters: Define characters in terms of their looks, background information, relevance of other characters etc.
  • Elaborate antagonist and the protagonist in the story: It could be a situation, any condition, a force, any individual, etc.
  • Discuss the setting: Discuss the location where the incidence took place - home, park or any country. Brainstorm the minute specialty of the place. Remember, the most monotonous, dull and dreary scenario can be made interesting via magical words. You need to show in terms of pictures and not by telling the facts.
  • Ensure that you stick to your topic throughout: In lieu of making it interesting, do not get strayed away. Focus on scenes and summaries.
  • Use the format of dialogs appropriately: Every time a new character delivers the dialogues, begin with a new paragraph, however if the same character speaks, do not change the paragraph.
  • Revision: Even the most experienced writers have to go through this process.
  • Proofreading: Check your essay in terms of spellings, punctuation marks full stop etc.