What Is Friendship? Dealing With Writing A Definition Essay

What exactly is the student dealing with when they’re writing a definition essay? It’s a specific essay that talks about the definition of a word. This means the student is dealing with more than one definition and must decide which of these they want to focus on for their essay.

What Is Friendship?

Friendship is easy enough to define but when the writer looks at philosophical meanings for instance, they see the definition in an entirely different way. What about psychologically? This too creates a new direction from which to write. Starting with this word the student is prepared to deal with the the writing with the basics:

  • Dealing With Research
  • The Tone
  • Squeezing Out More Than One Definition

Dealing With Research

The research for a definition essay is specific as to where that realm of research lies. This means the student will be going to different dictionaries, thesauruses and encyclopedias. In today’s world online sources, there are more definitions of these words than there used to be. so, looking for ‘what is friendship’ will show serious definitions along with humorous ones.

There are also different definitions broken down within the one source the student goes to. For instance, the noun and the verb. If one were to look at friendship for instance, they would probably find the word friend or friendly?

The Tone

This type of essay should express the author’s approach to the definition, depending on what kind of definition they’re focused on. In the case where they’re writing on a humorous version of it, their focus is to develop a humorous tone. This helps them take the definition in a different direction and give the essay a distinct personality.

Squeezing Out More Than One Definition

Students might be pressed hard for what they can get out of a definition. In front of them are more thorough writings that could cloud the student’s direction, but that’s why they should write the essay from their own perspective. It isn’t written like other papers where they have to persuade the audience. A creative way to define the word is best.


As presented, writing a definition essay has a very simple process that’s different from other writing and helps to train the student to get the most ideas out of one simple word. With these expectations, it’s only natural that the student begin to understand a definition for an example like “friendship,” on a much deeper level than before writing the paper.