Big Bang Theory

How much do you know about science and do you believe in the Big Bang Theory? What is the Big Bang Theory? Is it real and does it exist? This theory has puzzled scientists and students of science for years. It is an explanation concerning how the universe actually began. To understand it you need to know about the term singularity, the idea and opposition, and the concept of CMB. Once studying these things, you can decide if you think that the universe was formed in a Big Bang process.

Singularities are areas or zones that cannot be explained. Some say they rest at the greatest depth of a black hole. In this area the pressure on gravity is extreme. The pressure is so extreme that all matter designated as finite becomes infinite density. This dense area is what a singularity is. Singularities are the most important concept in the theory and at the foundation of the theory.

The idea says that this singularity inflated and has been for the last 14 billion years. Many people are opposed to this theory. The first reason would be that the First Law of Thermodynamics states that you cannot create of destroy energy or matter. The Big Bang Theory also breaks the rule that states nothing can travel faster that the speed of light. For years many people have studied the theory. People such as Roger Penrose, Steven Hawking, Arno Penzias, and Einstein have studied this concept. The idea originated from the fact that scientists have found and detected radiation since the 1940s.

Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson discovered CMB. The value of CMB is very integral to the Big Bang Theory. CMB is cosmic microwave background radiation. It is vital in the Big Bang Theory because its make-up of radio waves and microwaves match the pro-theory fans’ ideas and predictions. To understand the theory, you must grasp CMB.

So, as you can see, this radical theory can fans and it has foes. To understand the concept, you must study singularities, CMB, and all of the opposition. Much of the opposition is based in solid and proven scientific formulas and ideas. But the people who believe in the theory are very passionate about the possibility that the universe was formed this way. Read the reports, study the facts, and then decide for yourself if you believe in The Big Bang Theory.