Compelling tips for writing a 5 paragraph essay

The 5 paragraph format of essay writing is one of the most used and most common paper formats. This is the essay format that you learned back in third or fourth grade. You have probably been using this version or a similar version to write all of your papers since then except for a few specifically formatted essays. It is the most common one because it is so versatile.

Let’s first look at how the five paragraph essay is set up and then look at different ways that it can be used successfully. There are three main parts of this type of essay. The first part is the introduction. The second part is the body and the third is the conclusion. Let’s break down each piece so that you can see exactly how easy it is to set up a five paragraph essay.

  1. First paragraph
  2. Your first paragraph is your introductory paragraph. It is where you introduce your topic to your audience or reader. You will give your reader background information on the topic and also identify any vocabulary that they may need to know to understand the concepts. The first paragraph will also state your thesis, which is the main purpose of your paper.

  3. Second paragraph
  4. Your second paragraph is designed to present your first supporting evidence. It is one of the paragraphs that will help prove your thesis. You should have supporting evidence to prove the first supporting reason.

  5. Third paragraph
  6. Your third paragraph is where you will talk about the second reason why you believe in your thesis.

  7. Fourth paragraph
  8. Your fourth paragraph is for the third reason.

  9. Fifth paragraph
  10. Your fifth paragraph will provide your reader with a restatement of the thesis and a wrap up of the entire paper. It is designed to pull all of your ideas together to create a complete idea.

    When writing a five paragraph essay, it is important to incorporate transitional phrases that tie the topics together. They can exist in the beginning or the end of your paragraphs but should be used to let your reader know that you are going on to a different topic. This is a good way to keep your reader focused on your paper. If they are lead through the paper, they will follow your ideas and concepts better. There you have it. The breakdown of how to write a five paragraph essay.