Cons Of Nuclear Energy

As an alternative, nuclear energy has been preferred by some nations. It is known to be the environmental friendly. The green house effects of nuclear power are much lower compared to other energy sources. The waste materials and matter can be renewed too. However even with the preference researchers agree that the consequences of the use of this type of energy may be hazardous and problematic. Even with all these others still believe that it is manageable. The dialogue, the discussions and the debates of the use of this energy have been on, and risk assessments, and research efforts continue. The issue of the radiations is the biggest in these talks and seems like the hardest thing to do away with as it profoundly seems unmanageable. The rewards and also the risks of the utilization of nuclear energy should be weighed by any nation looking at this as an option in power and resource saving.

The Disadvantages of Using Nuclear Energy

The cost of construction for sites of energy generation may be very expensive. The cause of the high cost of construction of these sites is the fact that there need to be systems that aid in the containment of the radiations that will be omitted in future. This may cost a nation a lot. The experts to do this construction of the sites may also be few. Procedures for containment could also be sophisticated and hard to develop. The financing of such sites may require funding that a nation may not have. This will mean borrowing of funds in the form of loans to be paid later. Accidents may occur in these sites, and the risk o death may sometimes be high. The time of construction for these sites may be very long. Apart from the radiation risk in such sites other risks may be there but are still unknown. It is very dangerous to work with unknown hazards. A country that uses nuclear energy may be a target for enemies. Enemy nations may thus plan terrors’ attacks against these countries. In case of attacks on nations where the nuclear energy is in use, the effects may be devastating.

Environmental Implications of Use of Nuclear Energy

Radiations may be emitted and releases into the atmosphere. This would be a hazardous to the people living in the areas. Wastes may take several years to decompose and thus physically pollute the environment.