Alexander The Great

Alexander was the great King who ruled all of Macedonia. He was also the vanquisher of the Persian Empire. Both of these accomplishments are considered Alexander’s most prominent triumphs in history. It was this that made him a great leader for the others after him. He inspired the following leaders;

  1. Hannibal in Carthaginian
  2. Caesar of Rome
  3. Napoleon of Rome
  4. History And Childhood

    This great leader was born early on in 365 BC to Philip the 2nd (then king of Olympias and Macedonia) and his wife the princess of Epirus. Alexander’s military inspirations came directly from his father. Throughout his childhood, he had observed his father conquer several battles and return home triumphant. At a very young age, Philip also took his son under his wing and ensured he knew all the rules of fighting and riding horses.

    Everything that turned Alexander into the leader that he was came directly from his father Philip. The horse that Philip taught Alexander to ride, Bucephalus, was ridden by him in all his battles till his very last one. At the age of just thirteen, he was personally taught by Aristotle. Everyone knows that Aristotle was one of the greatest Greek philosophers to have ever lived. Aristotle taught him the following subjects:

    1. Rhetoric and literature
    2. Science
    3. Philosophy
    4. Medicine

    The above subjects were later studied in depth by Alexander. The subjects held a great degree of importance for Alexander as they played a vital role in shaping him as he was known to the world.

    Even at a very early age, the tender age of sixteen, Alexander was left alone by Philip and his wife while he went to invade Thrace with his army. That is when Alexander proved his worth at a very young and naïve age to his father. Despite his father being absent to guide him, Alexander knew exactly what needed to be done. When Thrace responded in a manner Alexander decided to assemble an army of his own ready to fight while being in Macedonia. Once he had demonstrated his worth, his father assigned him as commander for all the other generals to follow and invade Greece.

    It was through this battle that Alexander demonstrated his skill, capability and determination to the world. He singlehandedly defeated the Greeks and also demolished the Theban Secret Band. Historically it is believed that the only way Macedonia was triumphant was because of Alexander’s bravery.