A list of essay topics you should stay away from

Writing an essay is not much hard work. The hard part is to plan the essay. When you have a great title, relevant information, outline of major ideas and the supporting evidence you can easily convert them in your own words and get a good essay in the end. However, if you just go back to the first step, you will realize that this needs a lot of critical thinking and some innovative brains. Selecting a catchy yet unique title for your essay is not very easy. Most of the times, the essay prompts are same for all students. In addition, throughout the history students have been writing essays on similar subjects, so there is loads of repetition in the topics. The first few ideas that you will think under a certain subject will already be taken by other students. You need to choose a topic that is unique, catchy, recent, and valid.

To be able to choose a good topic the students must also

  • Follow the instructions given b the teacher. If the teacher has stopped you to talk about political situations, you should simply not get into that.
  • It is important that you understand your target audience when you write an essay. The last thing you would want to do is choose a topic that interests them the least
  • The topic of your essay must never be biased. Do not write about topics that show racism, religious biasness or any such subjectivity
  • Avoid writing on topics that are obvious or universal facts

List of avoidable topics for an essay

Here are a few examples to give you an idea of what are NOT very good topics to write

  1. Black people should have separate communities where they work on their own and do not communicate with the whites
  2. Matter is a form of energy
  3. Light travels faster than sound
  4. All Muslims are extremists and they can do horrible things if angry
  5. The civil war was a result of the efforts made by blacks to break out of slavery
  6. It was not a wise decision to go on war with Russia
  7. Ben 10 is a very interesting cartoon to watch with all his heroic characters and avatars he gets into
  8. Candies are better than chocolates
  9. Teachers are enemies to the students