How to use an Essay Example to Your Advantage

For some people, using an essay example helps them to compose better. It is an advantage that can be used by any student, to achieve better work. How to use them to your advantage, is the main question that will be looked at here. As essay examples can show a student a lot bout how to work the form, structure, and composition effectively together.

  1. Format
  2. Structure
  3. Citing
  4. References


Examples should be done in different styles, as so the student can see how to format that style. In as much, if a student is writing at Harvard, then they should find one in the Harvard style. This way they can see how to format in accordance to that style. The same for MLA, APA, and the others. As this shows the student how the style they have read about using actually should look.


Every essay has a base, and a required structure. The base is the Introduction, body, and a conclusion. But an instructor may want to add the Methodology, Abstract, and other advanced parts to it as well. This is something up to each instructor, and there is actually no right or wrong here either. The instructor usually does this to more advanced students to get them ready for their dissertations. And a Term paper will often have these as well. So looking for the samples that fit what is required, is to the student’s benefit. Looking for tutorials to help cover what a sample does not, can also greatly help fill in the gaps.


Especially with students writing their first essay, citing in line, can be confusing. So seeing different types of citings, can greatly help them understand how to properly use them in their own works. As different types of citings are done differently, or displayed with modifications. Such as in MLA, if one paraphrases an article, then they would put (para, Doe, John, Theory of Extoplasma,…) As that tells the reader that it is not an exact quote. But it is easy to get confused about this too.


Every style has its own way of doing a bibliography. Many of them are easy, but not all of them. So it can help looking at how a sample essay does the references, so the student can get a better grasp of the process. Using every aspect here, can help the student with writing a better essay, when used to their full potential.